Transforming urban projects and land
into healthy, sustainable & flourishing economic
community platforms

What We Do

Working with Government, Property Developers and Land Owners to create living community hubs in : Jobs, Training, Education, Community Development, Health & Economic Opportunities


Urban agriculture enables Bite the land to bring food production right into the heart of city life, connecting government, business and urban farmers with their community and customers. We identify suitable land sites, prepare the land for food production, build business and enterprise partnerships and develop community pathways to enliven the growing and eating experiences of urban communities. We build, train, educate and grow.

Starting an urban farm site

We create a pathway through the technical and contract requirements in urban land acquisition with local councils, governments and businesses. We support the selection and design of urban farm sites using best practice with intensive organic food growing, optimising water usage, organics recycling, productivity, all supported by community centred design.

Building enterprise and customer base

We combine the technical expertise of urban agriculture with Business Enterprise development and Community development, in short we build a network of pathways to bring the customers to the market where the farmers meet. We design and support business opportunities that result in job creation and training opportunities. We use training and learning as part of targeted campaign to invigorate market and customer experiences and relationships.

Urban agriculture